One Day Startup Challenge at Campus

Organized by the students of MBA Department

Swami Vivekananda Group of Institutes

In a dynamic showcase of entrepreneurial spirit, the Department of MBA at Swami Vivekananda Group of Institutes, Kolkata, recently organized a riveting One-Day Startup Challenge.

startup challenge by MBA students

Bringing together budding innovators and future business leaders, this event epitomized creativity, collaboration, and determination. With a laser focus on fostering entrepreneurial skills, students showcased their groundbreaking startup ideas, vying for recognition and support.

From disruptive tech solutions to sustainable ventures, the diversity of concepts presented was awe-inspiring. Through rigorous evaluation by seasoned industry experts and faculty members, standout ideas were identified and celebrated.

This initiative not only showcased the entrepreneurial prowess within the institute but also served as a platform for nurturing talent and fostering innovation-driven mindsets.

Stay tuned for more updates on how these pioneering ideas shape the future of business and innovation!

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